2020 Best Work From Home Jobs

Working from home is becoming a major perk for many people in today’s world. More companies are offering jobs that can be done from home than ever before.

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Work From Home Jobs

As technology improves at incredible speeds, so does the ability of people to work from home. Some companies have embraced this world more easily than others, but all should know it’s a major perk to many employees.

Some companies have gone as far as having a 100% distributed workforce. That’s the term these days for a company that has no physical headquarters, with employees distributed around the country.

It makes a lot of sense for employees and employers. Both stand to save money by having people work from home. Employees by not having to spend on travel, eating out, and after school care for kids. Employers by not having a lot of the physical overhead incurred by companies with physical locations.

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So let’s take a look at some of the jobs that top our list.


Best Work From Home Jobs

Sales representatives, services

Not all sales jobs can be done from home, but some that require mainly cold calling can be done effectively. People in the services industry are often used to working remotely, so doing deals over the phone isn’t a big change.

Computer programmers

One of the hottest jobs of the last couple decades, and computer programming continues to be in high demand. People with this skillset are often very capable of getting their job done remotely. Keeping in touch with a team over video or chat resources can often suffice for people in the technological world.

Registered nurses

In the past, this job would not have made the list, but today in the age of telemedicine. Doctors and nurses of all kinds are able to connect with patients remotely and treat minor to medium level medical conditions without an office visit.

Accountants and auditors

Accountants often sit behind closed doors tallying up the numbers for a company. While the accounting wing of a traditional large company is rarely remote, many smaller companies and individuals hire outside accountants to do the books. Most of this work can be done from the comforts of your home office.

Human resources specialists

As a human resource specialist you can find yourself wearing many different hats. Those might include conducting interviews, general employee screenings, benefits consultations, etc. Many of these functions can be done from your home, and many companies do allow HR resources to work remotely.

Personal financial advisors

Financial advisors often need to go to client meetings, but much of the behind-the-scenes work is done at the office crunching numbers and analyzing investment opportunities. This is a great work from home job that can also earn you a very substantial annual salary.

Software developers, applications

Creating software or computer applications is another high tech job that is often done remotely. In today’s gig economy, you will find thousands of Application Software Developers offering their services on platforms like UpWork. Many of these jobs can be done easily from home.

Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists

As the name suggests, this position is responsible for managing compensation and benefits for a company. Whether employed directly by a company or if the work is done on an outsourced basis, it often can be done out of your home.

Tax preparers

As with accountants (and often they are interchangeable), someone who prepares taxes does not need to be in an office. As long as you have the ability to speak with your client and electronically receive the necessary documents, you’re good to go.


Even if you need to see patients in person, having them come to a home office is common. While it can present challenges, it’s also a practice that’s been going on for a long time.

Web developers

Web Development can be done from just about anywhere these days. With every business on the planet looking to have or improve on their website, the demand is high and expected to get even better. Most businesses don’t employ full-time web developers, hence this is one of the best work from home opportunities out there.

Marriage and family therapists

As with psychologists, helping people manage through marital issues does not require an office. Conducting counseling sessions at your house can be done effectively if the situation is managed properly.

Insurance sales agents

Insurance agents spend a lot of time on the phone either looking for new customers or dealing with existing. The insurance industry is complex, but once mastered can be very lucrative and flexible. Whether you work for an agency, or are an independent, you often have the opportunity to work from home.

Graphic designers

If you have a creative bug and want flexibility with your work environment, then consider graphic design. This is another profession that plays nicely into the gig economy of today. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to outsource design work every day. If you have this skill-set, you will find plenty of demand along with flexible work locations.

Writers and authors

Content is king in the online world these days. Because of this, great writers are in high demand across every industry. If you have a wealth of knowledge in a subject matter, or are just a talented writer, this is a great job to do from home.

Childcare workers

In-home childcare can present some challenges in terms of getting the right licensure. But if you love kids, and don’t mind turning your home into a daycare, this could be right for you.

Advertising sales agents

Advertising is and always has been a big business. Companies of all types need people to sell their advertising space. TV, magazines, online publications, and more largely subsist on advertising revenue. That means sales jobs.

Medical transcriptionists

Have you ever seen your doctor talking into her recorder after finishing up your exam? Those recordings require something or someone to transcribe them. Technology is changing this industry, but automated transcription is still not perfect. That leaves job positions open that can easily be done working from home.

Travel agents

If you love to travel, this might be the perfect job for you. Not only are there low barriers to entry, but you can also work from just about any location. The downside of this job is the very high competition from on-line competitors leaves the 10 year projected employment in decline.

Customer service representatives

Being a customer service representative can be a flexible work from home job that doesn’t come with a lot of stress. You might not get rich doing it, but if the work-life balance is more important, then think about a CSR position.

The Bottom Line

Yes, there’s an accelerated need and desire for people to find work from home jobs due to Covid-19. But regardless of that short-term effect, it has been a growing perk for many years.

With technologies that enable remote communication continuing to grow, it becomes easier every year. On top of capabilities, some businesses are also realizing the cost-benefit. If distributed workforces can be managed effectively, major overhead savings can be had.

And employees stand to benefit on many fronts. As more and more families find themselves with two working parents, time with kids is a major consideration.  With the average one-way commute taking 26 minutes, parents lose an hour a day with family. Not to mention the cost of travel, eating out, office attire, and more.

Given the current situation, it seems the time has come for more companies to find permanent work from home solutions.

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